Why hello there little man ! :d [link]
Damn i kinda like the new Deluxe Hangar :o [link]
Complete Anarchy
Yesterday: "47 Dead by airplane crash in taiwan " [link] WTF GUYSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yo WTF is GOING ON ! Just now: "Air Algérie loses contact with plane in burkina faso. [link]
look at me! I'm "flying"! \o.0/
crazy americans, crazy muslims... so much crazy... and then theres the dutchmen... :-D
synthworld is a world where everything is made of synthesizers...the trees are Nexus, Sylenth is the water, and Massive is the sun and the sky. True fact. Legit.
So i was reading some comments on a video when suddenly ... [link]
synthetic - world -> synthworld
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