Incursion in Chesiette :o
fancy stuff o.0
Becouse le artiste Josh Kao [link]
so... apparently incursions dont clock 100mil an hour.... umm... they kinda do :d
oh shit son i see a mothertrucking at&t truck down the street. It better be laying down sweet ass ethernet cables to upgrade my shitty dsl :p
Yo guys ... i just played the closed beta of THE CREW, and daaaaammmnn fellas i'm preordering this shit ! ITS BEAST [link]
Yea i wanna show off our sexy logo muahah
if thats the case, im slapping the Hussar logo on the torpedo bay doors
Hopefully that is the case then and we can sport some of your logos on our ships and show off your artistic talent on our ships :)
If i'm not mistaken it is said players will have the ability to create their own visuals and logos ingame if the content is approved. i thought i've read that somewhere, but not sure though
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