Congratz to the Death Commando Squadron that now has 25 pilots. Looking good guys
nice to see which ships we can expect soonish! [link]
new nose mounted turret that is
if any off you own a super hornet you might wana swap out the canard turret to the trainer gives way more directed firepower
Concerning CIVBE : It is initially interesting BUT unfortuately it just another CIV game in space. If you stop comparing it to Alpha Centauri it is very good, BUT as a mod... I think its not worth $50
@ Starkiller the Super Hornet was USD 160 with LTI. I have one looking to sell.
why couldnt they make it as close to the original as possible while modernizing the shit out of it? i would actually play that, i liked original Aplha Centauri... this new Civ thing is totally not for me
It's so similar to other civ's ... booo
+rep zef i love that vid
There we go - For the Civ Fans - [link]
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